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Multilayer SMD Varistors

Panasonic offers multilayer versions of SMD Varistors. They are available in Surface Mount packages and have a wide range of Varistor voltages and peak current/energy capabilities.

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Specifications table for model
Part No.TypeRated Voltage(V)Varistor Voltage (Range)(V)Weight (Typ.) (Reference)(mg)Capacitance ToleranceCapacitance (Max)(pF)Packaging
EZJ-P0V080DAMore Info
0402 Size57.2 to 10.81.227PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V080GAMore Info
0402 Size56.8 to 10.21.2100PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V080KAMore Info
0402 Size56.8 to 10.21.2330PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V080MAMore Info
0402 Size56.8 to 10.21.2680PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V101BMMore Info
0402 Size580 to 1201.210PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V120JAMore Info
0402 Size59.6 to 14.41.2220PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V180HMMore Info
0402 Size514.4 to 21.61.2150PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V220HMMore Info
0402 Size519.8 to 24.21.2150PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V270BMMore Info
0402 Size1221.6 to 32.41.210PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V270EAMore Info
0402 Size1221.6 to 32.41.247PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V270EMMore Info
0402 Size1221.6 to 32.41.247PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V270GMMore Info
0402 Size1221.6 to 32.41.2100PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V270RAMore Info
0402 Size1221.6 to 32.41.220PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V270RMMore Info
0402 Size1221.6 to 32.41.220PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V330GMMore Info
0402 Size2426.4 to 39.61.2100PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V420WMMore Info
0402 Size2433.6 to 50.41.256PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V650DMMore Info
0402 Size2452 to 781.227PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V6R8GAMore Info
0402 Size35.4 to 8.21.2100PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P0V6R8MAMore Info
0402 Size35.4 to 8.21.2680PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-P1V120KAMore Info
0603 Size510.6 to 15.45.2330PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V180JMMore Info
0603 Size14.4 to 21.65.2220PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V220JMMore Info
0603 Size17.6 to 26.45.2220PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V270EMMore Info
0603 Size1221.6 to 32.45.247PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V270GMMore Info
0603 Size1221.6 to 32.45.2100PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V270RMMore Info
0603 Size1221.6 to 32.45.220PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V330GMMore Info
0603 Size1226.4 to 39.65.2100PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V420FMMore Info
0603 Size2433.6 to 50.45.268PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-P1V650DMMore Info
0603 Size50.2 to 785.227PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-PZV080GAMore Info
0201 Size56.8 to 10.20.3100PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-PZV120DAMore Info
0201 Size59.6 to 14.40.327PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-PZV120GAMore Info
0201 Size59.6 to 14.40.3100PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-PZV120RAMore Info
0201 Size59.6 to 14.40.320PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-PZV150RAMore Info
0201 Size512 to 180.320PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-PZV270BAMore Info
0201 Size1221.6 to 32.40.310PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-PZV270RAMore Info
0201 Size1221.6 to 32.40.320PAPER TAPING (2mm)
0201 Size35.4 to 8.20.3100PAPER TAPING (2mm)
0201 Size35.4 to 8.20.3220PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V171AAMore Info
0402 Size12136 to 2041.23PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V180HAMore Info
0402 Size914.4 to 21.61.2150PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V220HAMore Info
0402 Size1219.8 to 24.21.2150PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V420WAMore Info
0402 Size37.8 to 46.21.256PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V500AAMore Info
0402 Size540 to 601.23PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V650DAMore Info
0402 Size58.5 to 71.51.227PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V80010More Info
0402 Size64 to 961.21PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V80015DMore Info
0402 Size64 to 961.2±0.5pFPAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z0V800AAMore Info
0402 Size1264 to 961.23PAPER TAPING (2mm)
EZJ-Z1V171AAMore Info
0603 Size12136 to 2045.23PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-Z1V180JAMore Info
0603 Size14.4 to 21.65.2220PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-Z1V180JMMore Info
0603 Size14.4 to 21.65.2220PAPER TAPING (4mm)
EZJ-Z1V220JAMore Info
0603 Size19.8 to 24.25.2220PAPER TAPING (4mm)