Rechargeable Batteries: Pin Type Lithium Ion Batteries

Pin Type Lithium Ion Batteries design engineers Panasonic
CG-320A pin type lithium ion rechargeable battery
What Is A Designated Panasonic Direct Technology: Designated Panasonic Direct Technologies are new product technologies that are so highly advanced that they must be designed into an application, tested and purchased directly with Panasonic. Designated Panasonic Direct Technologies may be available as Engineering Samples from Panasonic or through limited distributor partners once application details are provided by the customer.

The Pin Type Lithium Ion Battery features a small, slim design that provides multiple application opportunities. The exterior metal case prevents swelling and delivers excellent reliability. The rechargeable battery can be used repeatedly.

Suitable applications include, but are not limited to: Smart glasses, hearing aids,  wristband devices, stylus pens, key holders, sunglasses, earphones, medical devices, Bluetooth® devices, sensing devices, and measurement devices.