Non-Linear Resistors: ESD Suppressor

ESD Suppressor design engineers Panasonic
ESD Suppressor - EZA-EG series

ESD Suppressors are devices that excel at suppressing electrostatic noise within a system. ESD Suppressors are used to protect electronic devices from high static surges using their ability to rapidly decrease resistance value to encourage the flow of electricity to go to ground.

Panasonic ESD Suppressors are available with a wide range of specifications. Panasonic’s ESD Suppressors have excellent electrostatic-noise suppression and ESD withstanding characteristics. They are available in small sizes, are lightweight, have low capacitance loading and high peak voltage handling capabilities.

Line Up

Series/TypeData SheetImageFeaturesSize (inches)Capacitance value (pF)Rated voltage (max.) (V)Peak voltage (max.) (V)Clamping voltage (max.) (V)RoHS (Compliance Certificate)REACH (Report of Confirmation)
ESD SuppressorLow capacitance0402
30500100CertificateReport of Confirmation
ESD Suppressor, 15kV TypeGood ESD withstanding
Low capacitance
30500100CertificateReport of Confirmation
ESD Suppressor Array4 ESD suppressors in one package08050.2515500100CertificateReport of Confirmation
ESD Suppressor, High Withstanding TypeExcellent ESD withstanding
High rated voltage
Low capacitance
06030.1501000-CertificateReport of Confirmation
ESD Suppressor (Old series)Note: Not Recommended for New Design
・Please use upgrade compatible new model EZAEG1N series instead of this EZAEG1A.

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