Circuit & Thermal Protection: Circuit Protection

Circuit Protection design engineers Panasonic
Circuit Protection products

Panasonic offers a wide variety of Circuit Protecton including EMI Filters, ZNR Transient / Surge Absorbers, Multilayer Varistors and ESD Suppressors.






  • Common Mode Noise FiltersPanasonic offers a wide range of Common Mode Noise Filters with good durability.
  • EMI FiltersPanasonic EMI Filters are available in both Surface Mount and Leaded packages.
  • ZNR Transient/Surge AbsorbersZNR stands for Zinc–oxide Non-linear Resistor - also known as Varistor.
  • Multilayer VaristorsPanasonic offers both single and multi-layer versions of Metal Oxide Varistors or Surge Absorbers.
  • ESD SuppressorESD Suppressors have excellent electrostatic-noise suppression.
  • Thermal Cutoffs (TCO) / Micro Chip FuseThermal Cut-Offs are compact and insulated featuring quick temperature response and are mountable in a small space without insulation or protection.
  • NTC ThermistorsPanasonic offers both Surface Mount and Leaded NTC Thermistors in a wide selection of temperature coefficients.