10 mm Square SMD Encoders

Panasonic’s 10mm Square SMD Encoder is a low profile Encoder with a height of 2.2mm for applications where there is limited space. With a Shaft hole diameter of 4mm, The 10 mm Square SMD Encoder provides incremental current position of the shaft within the resolution of 3 pulses/ 360 ° (Endless). The 10 mm Square SMD Encoder is used in applications that require precise position, measurements, and control. This encoder monitors the motion of the shaft and generates analog or digital position information. With a low rotation torque force of only 2mN.m, the 10 mm Square SMD Encoder is a very light touch in terms of operation. It also qualifies to be used in any industrial or commercial designs with -40 °C to +85°C operating temperature range.

Features and Benefits

  • Low Profile H=2.2 mm, Shaft Hole Diameters Of Up To 4mm
  • Light Operation With a Rotation Torque Of 2mN-m
  • Automatic Mounting And SMDs


  • Air Conditioning Temperature Controls
  • Input Of Operation Units
  • Computer Peripherals

Part Number List

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Models table for series 10 mm Square SMD Encoders
Part No.DatasheetFeaturesResolutionDetents (point)Detents (points)Rotation Torque (mNm)Rotation Life (Cycles)Rotation life (cycle)RoHS (Compliance Certificate)Reach (Report of Confirmation)
Low profile (H=2.2 mm), Shaft hole diameters of up to 4 mm are available.
RoHS compliant. Please refer to the Data Files.
SVHC non-inclusion. Please refer to the Data Files.