Electromechanical: Transparent Touch Panels (TTP)

Transparent Touch Panels (TTP) design engineers Panasonic

Resistive Transparent Touch Panels

Panasonic offers 4 Wire Resistive Touch Panels. The operation force is 0.1N, which is very low when compared to competitive products. Due to low operation force, Panasonic’s Resistive Touch Panels feel similar to Capacitive Touch Panels, which is most desired.

Also similar to Capacitive Touch Panels, Panasonic’s Resistive type has the capability to handle multi-touch (two fingers touching maximum) and is on the market at a competitive price point.

Panasonic offers an optional design sheet along with the Panel. Depending on the application, this could provide an improved aesthetic finish to the device.


Projected Capacitive Touch Panels

Panasonic Projected Capacitive Touch Panels are film based and offer fine line technology and space thickness of 5 microns. This provides less than 1mm border thickness for a preferred aesthetic appearance. Ideal for achieving a narrow frame and a wider viewing area. Panasonic Capacitive Touch Panels can also be applied on curved surfaces.