Industrial Automation: Factory Automation Devices

Factory Automation Devices design engineers Panasonic
Factory Automation Devices, PLCs, human machine interfaces, sensors, static control deices, laser markers, servo motors, temperature controllers, timers, hour-meters, counters, limit switches

Panasonic offers total automation solutions products that include PLCs, human machine interfaces, sensors, static control devices, laser markers, servo motors, temperature controllers, timers, hour-meters, counters, limit switches and other factory automation components. 


  • Static Control DevicesPanasonic high-frequency AC ionizers offer extremely fast charge reduction by emitting a highly balanced ion stream directly to your parts before static discharge has a chance to damage them. Explore the models listed below to find the best unit for your needs.
  • Energy Monitoring ComponentsPanasonic Eco series Hour meters & Counters, Air flow meters, Communication devices and Data collection devices for both energy saving and power surveillance.
  • Programmable ControllersVersatile PLCs offer the power, speed, and flexibility you need!
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)From simple LED displays to 12.1” 32,768 color touch screens, Panasonic has your HMI needs covered.
  • Machine Vision SystemsPanasonic vision systems showcase our innovative and precise image processing algorithms.
  • UV-Curing SystemsPanasonic UV Curing Systems offer powerful intensity, easy operation, easy installation and energy efficency in a compact size.
  • CO2 / FAYb Laser MarkersPanasonic Laser Markers are ideal for the high speed, non-contact, permanent labeling of metals, plastics, resins, glass and natural materials such as paper, wood or leather.
  • Timers / Counters / Limit SwitchesTimers, Time Switches, Counters, Hour Meters, Solenoids, Temperature Controllers and Limit Switches. For Eco Series Hour Meters and Counters, please refer to Energy Visuallization Components page.
  • Temperature ControllersWe offer a broad line of highly flexible temperature controllers with a wide selection of inputs and outputs.