Factory Automation Devices: Energy Monitoring Components

Energy Monitoring Components design engineers Panasonic
Power Meter, Eco Power Meter

Panasonic Eco Series of Energy Consumption Visualization Components offers a wide array of products for both energy saving and power surveillance in factory automation environments. Products include Watt-Hour Meters, Power-On Counters, Power-On Hour Meter, Air Flow Meters, Communication Devices and Data Collection Units.

Line Up

Series/TypeData SheetImage
Clamp-on type Current Transformer (CT)n/a
KW2G Eco-Power Meter
KW7M Eco-Power Meter
Control Unit ELC500
KW1M Eco-Power Meter
KR20 Wireless Unit
KW1M-H Eco-Power Meter
KC2S Eco-Count Meter (Power-On Counter)/ KE2S Eco-Hour Meter...
Air Flow Monitor EWA2
Data Logger Light (DLL)
Web Datalogger Unit (DLU)
KS1 Signal Converter
KW2M Eco-Power Meter
KW8M Eco-Power Meter


Discontinued products