Factory Automation Devices: UV-Curing Systems

UV-Curing Systems design engineers Panasonic
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The Aicure UV Series reflect on Panasonic's extensive experience with curing systems and the LED technology involved. Customers can find units that require substantially less energy than conventional curing systems, have a lifetime over 20,000 hours, exhibit UV irradiation performance of up to 20,000 mW/cm2 per head, high-precision curing at low temperatures, are ready for use in clean rooms, and are easy and fast set up and configuration.

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Discontinued products

Series/TypeDiscontinued notice
UV-Curing system Pana Cure Spot type ANUP5251(Discontinued) 
UV-Curing system Pana Cure Spot type ANUP5252(Discontinued) 
UV-Curing system Pana Cure Spot type ANUP5255(Discontinued)