Industrial Automation: Factory Automation Sensors

Factory Automation Sensors design engineers Panasonic
Factory Automation Sensors

Panasonic offers a wide variety of Factory Automation Sensors including, Area, Color Mark, Laser, Safety Light Curtains, Photoelectric and more.


  • Fiber SensorsOver 180 fiber optic sensor heads available for various applications, accompanied with user-friendly amplifiers.
  • Area SensorsPanasonic area sensors are an extremely versatile solution.
  • Pressure SensorsPressure and flow sensors from Panasonic offer self contained and separate head types for maximum versatility in your pressure sensing applications.
  • Photoelectric Sensors / Laser SensorsThe complete line of self-contained and amplifier separated photoelectric and laser sensors designed for a long sensing range and precision solutions.
  • Micro Photoelectric SensorsMicro photoelectric sensors enable stable sensing and realize miniaturization of your equipment.
  • Inductive Proximity SensorsFor metallic sensing applications, a broad range of inductive proximity sensors are available.
  • Special Purpose SensorsPanasonic offers several sensors that accomplish highly specialized tasks, such as hot melt glue detection and wire flaw detection.
  • Sensor OptionsConvenient peripheral tools and devices such as a universal sensor mounting stand, sensor checkers for beam alignment, sensor controllers and power supply unit.
  • Laser Measurement SensorsWhen your application calls for the precision measurement of dimensions such as thickness, diameter, and height, Panasonic has the solution.