Digital Fiber Sensor FX-300

Fiber Sensors have again taken another step forward. The deterioration of light emitting elements over time, previously accepted as unavoidable, as well as the conventional idea that Lenses could only be attached at the Fiber end, have now finally been overcome by Panasonic technology. A newly developed light eliminates deterioration, and by incorporating a Lens within the Fiber Sensor itself, stable long-range sensing for long periods of time is now possible for the first time ever.


  • Long-Range Sensing Made Possible With Built-In Optical Lens
  • Optical Communication Function Enables Data To Be Copied And Saved (Up To 16 Amplifiers)
  • 35µs Response Time (FX-301HS)
  • The Amount Of Light Emitted Can Be Selected Without Needing To Change The Response Time
  • 4-Digit, 7-Segment Red LED Display And LED Indicators
  • Only Two Switches, The Large Jog Switch And The Large Mode Key, Are Required For Operation
  • Supply Voltage Via Only One Cable For Up To 16 Amplifiers
  • Close Mounting Is Possible For Up To Four Fiber Heads
  • Reduced Intensity Mode For Transparent Objects
  • Window Comparator With Two Outputs (FX-305)
  • Copy-Lock Function
  • Optional: Settings For Up To 16 Fiber Sensors Can Be Changed At Once By Means Of External Signals (FX-CH)
  • Optional: Up To 16 I/O Devices Can Be Connected At Once Using MIL Connectors (SC)
  • Optional: External Communication Via RS485 (SCGU1485)

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