Safety Laser Scanner Type 3 SD3-A1

Guard Large Danger Zones Cost-Effectively

The Panasonic SD3 Safety Laser Scanner is a cost-effective alternative for guarding danger zones. It can be used flexibly in confined spaces and for areas where the danger zone changes.

The SD3 can monitor an area within an angle of up to 190° and divides it into 2 zones: a warning zone within a radius of 15m, and a protection zone within a radius of 4m.  The contours of these zones can be configured precisely for any application. Up to eight zone patterns can be set and activated at any given time even during operation.

The reference boundary function memorizes the position of stationary objects and establishes a virtual boundary. It also monitors beam alignment after installation and issues an alarm if a beam becomes misaligned.


  • Warning Zone, Max. Radius 15m
  • Protection Zone, Max. Radius 4m
  • Adjustment Of Response Times Enables Interference Prevention
  • Up To 8 Freely Switchable Zone Patterns
  • Small Size In Its Class: W140 × H195 × D135mm

Part Number List

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Models table for series Safety Laser Scanner Type 3 SD3-A1
Part No.DatasheetApplicable Standards: International StandardApplicable Standards: JapanApplicable Standards: Europe (EU)DummyCurrent ConsumptionFuse RatingControl Outputs (OSSD 1, OSSD 2)Control Outputs (OSSD 1, OSSD 2): Operation ModeControl Output (OSSD 1, OSSD 2): Response TimeControl Outputs (OSSD 1, OSSD 2): Protection CircuitEnvironmental Resistance: Degree of ProtectionAmbient TemperatureAmbient HumidityMaximum Cable LengthMaterialAccessoriesWeight (Typ.)
IEC 61496-1/3 (Type 3), ISO 13849-1 (Category 3, PLd), IEC 61508-1 to 7 (SIL2), IEC 62061 (SIL2)
JIS B 9704-1/3 (Type 3), JIS B 9705-1 (Category 3), JIS C 0508 (SIL2)
EN 61496-1 (Type 3), ISO 13849-1 (Category 3, PLd), EN 61508-1 to 7 (SIL2)
10 to 150 Hz frequency, 5 G max. (50 m/s2 approx.) in X, Y and Z directions for twenty times each
300mA approx. (excluding external connection load)
1.25 A semi-time-lag fuse
PNP open-collector transistor 2 outputs
- Rated operating voltage: supply voltage (UB) - 3.2 V
- Max. source current: 250 mA
- Residual voltage: 3.2 V or less
When no object enters into the detection zone: ON
When an object enters: OFF
Min. 80 ms (2 scans) to max. 640 ms (16 scans) switching method
0 to +50degrees +32 to +122 degrees Fahrenheit , Storage: -20 to +60degrees -4 to +140 degrees Fahrenheit
Operation and storage: Max. 95 % RH (No dew condensation)
15-pin plug: Max. 50 m 164.042 ft
9-pin plug: Max. 10 m 32.808 ft (when using RS-232C) / Max. 50 m 164.042 ft (when using RS-422)
(by using optional connection cable) (Note)
(Note) Be careful that a voltage drop may occur depending on the cable length or cable's conductor cross-section area.
Main body: Die-cast aluminum
Scanner window: Thermoplastic resin
SD3-PS (exclusive 15-pin connector): 1 pc
SD3-RS232 (exclusive 9-pin connector): 1 pc
Mounting screws [M5 (length 20 mm 0.787 in) hexagon-socket-head bolt: 2 pcs M5 (length 16 mm 0.630 in) hexagon-socket-head bolt: 2 pcs., attached to SD3-PS]: 1 set
Simplified instruction manual: 1 copy
Installation CD-ROM (includes detailed instruction manual data): 1 CD
Net weight: 2.1 kg approx
Gross weight: 2.9 kg approx