Specifications table for model ANUP50
ItemPerformance characteristics
Power Supply90 to 264 V AC 50/60 Hz 280 V A
Lamp: Lamp Product No.ANUPS204
Lamp200 W mercury xenon lamp, preset quickly-attachable type
* Average life of 3,000 hours: Ratio to the initial UV intensity --
80% or higher in a vertical position, 70% or higher in a horizontal
position (when the auto control function is off)
* Guaranteed life: 2,000 hours
UV IrradiationUV intensity adjustment by digital setting (0 to 100%, in increments of 0.5%)
UV auto control
Programmable irradiation (10 steps in each of 10 patterns)
External signal control: Turning the lamp on/off, manual opening/closing
of the shutter, starting programmed pattern irradiation, starting
timer-controlled irradiation, and executing calibration
ShutterElectronically-controlled shutter using manual or timer-controlled operation
SettingDigital setting using membrane switches
External Signal: InputOpening/closing the shutter (timer/manual), lighting the lamp
External Signal: OutputLighting the lamp, stabilizing the lamp light, opening the shutter,
outputting error signals, and indicating the lamp life
Dimensions165 x 201 x 325 mm 6.496 x 7.913 x 12.795 in (Excluding protruding sections)
Weight (Typ.)8 kg approx.

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