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Elite Toughness for Demanding Applications

Panasonic’s industry leading Tough Contact construction offers customers the opportunity to design-in highly reliable connectors, even in applications with extreme environmental conditions. Engineered for durability and long lifetime, Panasonic Tough Contact Connectors increase:

  • Tolerance to twisting and dropping
  • Resistance to dust and foreign particles
  • Resistance to corrosive gases


Revolutionize Your Design with Advanced Electronic Connectors

Discover the vast portfolio of Panasonic Connectors including Narrow (Fine) Pitch Connectors, FPC Connectors and more. To learn how these electronic components can revolutionize your circuit design, click on the product blocks below.

Tough Contact Connectors Brochure
Narrow Pitch Connectors Line-Up Chart



  • Active Optical ConnectorsCompact all-in-one design. Integrated fiber cable for high-speed transmission, bi-directional communication and more.
  • Narrow (Fine) Pitch ConnectorsPanasonic’s “tough contact” design provides customers with the reliability that is required when developing the latest computer or wearable device.
  • FPC/FFC ConnectorsConnectors for flexible printed circuits (FPC) and flat flex cables (FFC). Height 0.9 to 2.0mm. Pitch between terminals 0.3/0.5mm.
  • High Current ConnectorsOur high current connectors have a low mated height profiles, high reliability, and are manufactured with Panasonic's Touch Contact technology.
  • MIPTEC 3D Packaging TechnologyThree-dimensional injection molded circuit components use MID (Molded Interconnect Device) technology. Further advancements use proprietary surface activation technology and laser patterning. The result is a 3D circuit device with a fine circuit pattern for mounting bare chips. Custom shapes and patterns are produced on an order request basis.