Specifications table for model ACTH5CB3
ItemPerformance characteristics
Protective ConstructionSealed
Terminal TypeSurface-mount type
Coil Resistance (at 20oC)220Ω
Contact Arrangement1 Form C
Contact TypeStandard type (Ag alloy / Cu clad)
Operating Function Single side stable
Rated Coil Voltage12V DC
Operate (Set) Voltage (at20°C) (Initial) Max. 7.7V DC
Release (Reset) voltage (at20°C) (Initial)Min. 0.6V DC
Rated Operating Current [±10%] (at 20°C)54.5 mA
Coil Resistance (At 20oC)220Ω
Rated Operating Power 655 mW
Usable Voltage Range10 to 16V DC
Heat Resistance of TypesReflow type
Contact Resistance (Initial)Max. 50mΩ (N.O. side: typ. 4.5mΩ, N.C. side: typ. 5.5mΩ) (By voltage drop 1A 6V DC)
Contact MaterialAg alloy
Nominal Switching Capacity (Resistive Load) N.O. side: 20A 14V DC, N.C. side: 10A 14V DC
Contact Data: Max. Carrying Current25A/ 10 min (Coil applied voltage 12V DC, at 20°C)
Min. Switching Load (Resistive) 1A 14V DC (at 20°C)
Insulation Resistance (Min. MΩ)(Initial)Min. 100 MΩ (at 500V DC, Measurement at same location as [Dielectric strength] section.)
Dielectric Strength (Between Open Contacts) (Initial)500 Vrms for 1 min (Detection current: 10mA)
Dielectric Strength (Between Contacts and Coil) (Initial)500 Vrms for 1 min (Detection current: 10mA)
Operate (Set) Time<br>(At Rated Coil Voltage) (At 20oC) (Initial)Max. 10ms (without contact bounce time)
Release (Reset) Time<br>(at Rated Coil Voltage) (at 20&deg;C) (Initial)Max. 10ms (without contact bounce time) (without protective element)
Shock Resistance: DestructiveMin. 1,000 m/s2
(Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 6ms, number of shocks for each direction: X, Y and Z direction: 3 times)
Shock Resistance: Functional Min. 100 m/s2 (Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 11ms; detection time: 10µs)
Vibration Resistance: Functional10 to 100 Hz, Min. 44.1 m/s2 (Detection time: 10µs)
Vibration Resistance: Destructive10 to 500 Hz, Min. 44.1 m/s2
Time of vibration for each direction; X, Y direction: 2 hours, Z direction: 4 hours
Expected Life: Mechanical LifeMin. 107 (at 120 times/min)
Expected Life: Electrical[Resistive load]
Min. 105 at rated switching capacity,
Operating frequency: 1s ON, 9s OFF
[Motor load]
Min. 105 25 A 14V DC at motor lock condition,
Operating frequency: 0.5s ON, 9.5s OFF
ConditionsAmbient temperature: –40 to +110°C, Humidity: 2 to 85% RH
(Avoid icing and condensation)
Weight (Typ.)Approx. 3 g
Packing QuantityTape and reel
Inner Carton (Pieces)500
Outer Carton (Pieces) 2,000

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