Specifications table for model ACNH3112
ItemPerformance characteristics
Rated Coil Voltage12V DC
Operate (Set) Voltage Max. 5.5V DC
Contact Arrangement1 Form A
Protective ConstructionSealed
Terminal TypePC board type
Operating Function Single side stable
Operate (Set) Voltage (at20°C) (Initial) Max. 5.5V DC
Release (Reset) voltage (at20°C) (Initial)Min. 0.8V DC
Rated Operating Current [±10%] (at 20°C)53.3 mA
Coil Resistance (At 20oC)225Ω
Rated Operating Power (at 20°C) 640 mW
Usable Voltage Range10 to 16V DC
Contact Resistance (Initial)Max. 30mΩ (typ. 5mΩ) (By voltage drop 1A 6V DC)
Contact MaterialAg alloy
Nominal Switching Capacity (Resistive Load) 30A 14V DC
Contact Data: Max. Carrying Current30A/1 hour, 40A/2 min. (Coil applied voltage 16V DC at 20°C 68°F)
25A/1 hour, 35A/2 min. (Coil applied voltage 16V DC at 85°C 185°F)
20A/1 hour, 30A/2 min. (Coil applied voltage 16V DC at 110°C 230°F)
Min. Switching Load (Resistive) 1A 14V DC (at 20°C 68°F)
Insulation Resistance (Min. MΩ)(Initial)Min. 100 MΩ (at 500V DC, Measurement at same location as [Dielectric strength] section.)
Dielectric Strength (Between Open Contacts) (Initial)500 Vrms for 1 min. (Detection current: 10mA)
Dielectric Strength (Between Contacts and Coil) (Initial)500 Vrms for 1 min. (Detection current: 10mA)
Operate (Set) Time<br>(At Rated Coil Voltage) (At 20oC) (Initial)Max. 10ms (without contact bounce time)
Release (Reset) Time<br>(at Rated Coil Voltage) (at 20&deg;C) (Initial)Max. 10ms (Without contact bounce time) (Without diode)
Shock Resistance: Functional Min. 100 m/s2 [approx. 10G] (Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 11ms; detection time: 10µs)
Shock Resistance: DestructiveMin. 1,000 m/s2 [approx. 100G] (Half-wave pulse of sine wave: 6ms)
Vibration Resistance: Functional10 to 100 Hz, Min. 44.1 m/s2 [approx. 4.5G] (Detection time: 10µs)
Vibration Resistance: Destructive10 to 500 Hz, Min. 44.1 m/s2 [approx. 4.5G],
Time of vibration for each direction; X, Y direction: 2 hours, Z direction: 4 hours
Expected Life: Mechanical LifeMin. 107 (at 120 cpm)
Expected Life: Electrical[Resistive load] Min. 105 (at rated switching capacity, operating frequency: 1s ON, 1s OFF)
[Motor load] Min. 3 x 105 (motor free) (at inrush 84 A, steady 18A, 14 V DC operating frequency: ON 2s, OFF 5s)
[Lamp load] Min. 2 x 105 (at inruch 84 A, steady 12A, 14 V DC operating frequency: ON 1s, OFF 14s)
ConditionsAmbient temperature: –40 to +110°C –40 to +230°F, Humidity: 2 to 85% R.H.
(Please avoid icing or condensation)
Weight (Typ.)Approx. 9 g .32 oz
Packing QuantityTube
Inner Carton (Pieces)50
Outer Carton (Pieces) 1,000

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