Specifications table for model AQ10A2-ZT4/32VDC
ItemPerformance characteristics
Type of LoadAC type
Zero-Cross FunctionZero-cross
Type Of ShapeVertical
Input Side: Input Voltage4 to 32V DC
Output Side: Max. Load Current10A
Output Side: Load Voltage75 to 250Vrms
Terminal TypeStandard PC board terminal
Packing QuantityCarton
Packing Quantity; Inner Carton (Pcs.) 20
Packing Quantity; Outer Carton (Pcs.)200
Input Side: Drop-Out VoltageMin. 1.0V
Output: Non-Repetitive Surge Current100A
Output Side: Max. Off-State Leakage Current5mA
Operate Time (Initial) (at 20°C) 1/2 cycle of voltage sine wave + 1ms
Release Time, Max. 1/2 cycle of voltage sine wave + 1ms
I/O Isolation Voltage4,000 Vrms between input and output
2,500 Vrms between input, output and case
Ambient Temperature-30°C to +80°C
Storage Temperature-30°C to +100°C
Snubber Circuit With snubber circuit
Load current (A)10
Load Voltage [ V<sub>L</sub> ] 75 to 250Vrms
Input voltage4 to 32V DC

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