Mechanical Power Relays (2A or More): Automotive Relays

Automotive Relays design engineers Panasonic
Automotive Relays - Panasonic Industrial Devices

Designed to switch high DC current levels of 20A to 300A. Sealed construction and wide operating temperatures allows use in harsh environments. Plug-in and PC board terminal arrangement with pin-in-paste compatible versions. Hermetically sealed contact enclosures available.

Line Up

Series/TypeData SheetImageContact arrangement(search)Max. switching current(search)Nominal coil voltage(search)Type(search)Contact shapeContact arrangementMax. switching currentNominal coil voltageTypeContact shape
CA Relays|1a||1b||1c||11A-20A||21A-30A||12V DC||24V DC||Plug-in||Single|1a,1b,1c20A,30A12V DC
24V DC
Plug-in typeSingle
CT Relay Power type|1c||1c x 2||06A-10A||21A-30A||12V DC||PC board|n/a1c,1c x 230A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
EV Relays|1a||06A-10A||31A-||12V DC||24V DC||Plug-in||Screw||Single|1a10A,20A,60A,
12V DC
24V DC
Plug-in type,Screw terminalSingle
CP Relays|1a||1c||06A-10A||11A-20A||12V DC||PC board||Surface-mount||Single|1a,1c20A12V DCPC board terminal type,Surface mount terminal typeSingle
TC Relays|1a||1c||Duble make contact 2a||11A-20A||21A-30A||12V DC||PC board||Single|1a,1c,Duble make contact 2a30A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
CN-H Relays|1a||11A-20A||21A-30A||12V DC||PC board||Single|1a30A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
CN-M Relays|1a||1c||11A-20A||21A-30A||12V DC||PC board||Surface-mount||Single|1a,1c30A12V DCPC board terminal type,Surface-mount terminal typeSingle
CM Relays|1a||1c||11A-20A||31A-||12V DC||24V DC||PC board||Plug-in||Single|1a,1c35A12V DC
24V DC
PC board terminal type,Plug-in typeSingle
CW Relays|2a||31A-||12V DC||Welding||Single|2a120A(5sec.)
12V DCWelding terminalSingle
TL Relays|Duble make contact 2a||31A-||12V DC||PC board||Single|Duble make contact 2a40A12V DCPC board terminal typeDuble make
CJ Relays|1c||1c x 2||06A-10A||11A-20A||12V DC||PC board||Single|1c,1c x 220A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
CQ Relays|1c||06A-10A||11A-20A||12V DC||PC board||Single|1c20A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle
TB Relays|1a||1c||1c x 2||06A-10A||11A-20A||12V DC||PC board||Single||Twin|1a,1c,1c x 220A12V DCPC board terminal typeSingle,Twin
CB Relays|1a||1c||21A-30A||31A-||12V DC||24V DC||Plug-in||PC board||Bracket||Single|1a,1c20A,40A,
12V DC
24V DC
Plug-in type,
PC board terminal type,
Bracket type


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