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Panasonic offers a broad line of Resistors that include Fixed, Power, Low Power, Fuse, Potentiometers, Trimmers, EMI Filters, and Arrays and Networks for all applications.

Panasonic Resistors have a wide range of features and specifications including conventional Thick Film Chip Resistors or specialized types like Anti-Sulfur, 0201 to 0805 case sized Chip Resistor Arrays, three different types of Power Resistors, Surface Mount and Leaded EMI Filters and one of the smallest Chip Fuses in the industry.


  • Chip ResistorsMicro-Chip Resistors, Current-Sensing Chip Resistors, Anti-Surge/Anti-Sulfurated Chip Resistors and more.
  • Leaded ResistorsMetal film leaded resistors with secure fusing characteristics.
  • Network/ArraysChip resistor array, high-speed mountable chip resistor networks, film chip resistor array, and anti-sulfurated chip resistor array.
  • Thermal Sensitive ResistorsSquare Thermally Sensitive Resistors for temperature correction circuits.
  • Trimmer PotentiometersCarbon trimmer potentiometers, chip trimmer potentiometers, and ceramic trimmer potentiometers.
  • AttenuatorsChip-type attenuators for high-frequency signal attenuation, level adjustment, or matching improvement.
  • Chip RingsChip ring for measurement pins with folded metal sheet structure that is extremely robust.
  • Anti-Sulfurated Chip ResistorsPanasonic Anti-Sulfurated Chip Resistors offer high reliability and are suitable from both reflow and flow soldering.
  • Current Sensing Chip ResistorsPanasonic’s Current Sensing Resistor portfolio offers a cost effective option with high reliability and a wide variety of case sizes.
  • High Precision Chip ResistorsPanasonic’s High Precision Chip Resistors include high reliability at high temperature and humidity, high accuracy and low current noise.
  • Small and High Power Chip ResistorsPanasonic's High Power Chip Resistors contain less material, lower risk of solder fracture and are AEC-Q200 Qualified.