Resistors: Trimmer Potentiometers

Trimmer Potentiometers design engineers Panasonic
Trimmer Potentiometers	P086_EVM3W

Panasonic Trimmer Potentiometers are available in Surface Mount and Leaded Ceramic substrates.

The Surface Mount Trimmer Potentiometers range from 2mm to 6mm square and have a very low profile. Leaded Trimmer Potentiometers have a cubic shape that is easily mounted.

Panasonic’s Trimmer Potentiometers are used in A/V, office, and communication equipment.

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Discontinued products

Series/TypeData SheetDiscontinued notice
2mm Square Open(Low-profile)(Discontinued) 
3mm Square Open(Discontinued) 
3mm Square Open(Low-profile)(Discontinued) 
3mm Square Open(with the rotation stopper)(Discontinued) 
4mm Square Open(Discontinued) 
6mm Square Dustproof(Discontinued) 
6mm Square Dustproof (with knob Protection)(Discontinued) 
3mm Square Dustproof(Carbon Composition)(Discontinued) 

Important Dates for Discontinued Trimmer Potentiometers

Last time buy datesLast time ship dates
March 31, 2018March 31, 2019