Semiconductors: Analog ICs

Analog ICs design engineers Panasonic
Analog IC

From LED Drivers to Motor Drivers to Wireless Charging ICs, Panasonic manufactures a broad line of analog IC chips for specialized applications.  These solutions shorten development time and save cost by providing small, single-chip components that fill application specific needs within your circuit.


  • LED DriversPanasonic's LED Drivers are a single chip solution which can drive from 3 to 288 single color LEDs or from 1 to 96 RBD LEDs.
  • Motor Driver ICsLeading edge motor driver IC series offers low noise, low power, and low cost single chip motor driver solutions.
  • Wireless ChargingPanasonic’s wireless power control IC achieves high conversion efficiency over 70% as a Qi standard charger. Low power consumption contributes to lower heat generation for a maximum operating power of 5W (WPC specification).