Analog ICs: Motor Driver ICs

Motor Driver ICs design engineers Panasonic
Motor Driver integrated circuits (ICs)

High Performance, Leading Edge Motor Control Solution.

Panasonic motor driver IC series provide users with a high-performance, leading edge and reliable motor control solution. Engineered for easy PCB design and maximum board space savings, Panasonics’ portfolio includes stepper motors, 3-phase motors, DC brush motors and much more. Discover firsthand the benefits of low noise, low power and low cost today!

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Classification of Motor Drivers

Motor Drivers IC Classification Diagram


Stepping Motor Drivers


3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver ICs

 With the industry's lowest on-resistance and highest voltage process

  1. Allow a motor module with minimized board space
  2. Allow easy thermal design with reduction of heat-generation
  3. High current and a quantity resisting pressure range

With the rotor position detector and sine-wave PWM drive with one Hall sensor, and the motor current phase control function,

  1. Allow the reduce of components of motor products
  2. Allow a low-noise and low-vibration motor drive
  3. Standby power reduced by high efficiency drive and standby function

Brushed DC Motor Driver ICs

Stepping Motor Driver ICs for Lens

  1. Low-voltage (5V) motor driver IC: Allows small WLCSP(Wafer Level Chip Size Package)
  2. Middle-voltage (24V) motor driver IC: Allows the features a single power supply with built-in protection circuit
  1. Allow smaller mounting area by dramatically reducing the external parts
  2. Allows low power consumption of iris drive by adopting the PWM