Semiconductors: Diodes

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Diodes, Zener diode SMini2-F4-B-mae

Panasonic offers a broad line of Diode Products including Switching Diodes, Schottky Barrier Diodes, Rectifier Diodes and Zener Diodes. Panasonic Diode Products allow customers to efficiently solve their design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical and power applications and are available in various package options.


  • Switching DiodesShort recovery time and low IR, wide line-up of small packages suitable for circuit miniaturization.
  • Schottky Barrier DiodesImproved VF and IR characteristics and ESD robustness by JBS structure in tino 0,08cm2 CSP packages
  • Rectifier DiodesLow VF and fast switching characteristics achieved by Panasonic new JBS structure and industry-leading 0.15-µm process.
  • Zener DiodesGreatly reduced dispersion of the Vzener parameter thanks to original FiZ structure; for surge absorption and ESD protection.
  • TVS DiodesWide line-up of transient voltage suppression diodes support up to 2W (total power) / 1kW (pulse) dissipation.