Semiconductors: Interface and Communication

Interface and Communication design engineers Panasonic
Interface and Communication ICs

Panasonic manufactures Interface and Communication ICs that support various standards such as Near Field Communication (NFC), HDMI, and SD Memory.  Panasonic is one of the leading manufacturers of NFC Tag LSIs (also known as NFC Tag ICs) in the world. Panasonic's NFC Tag LSI is a contactless IC tag supporting NFC technology, where NFC enabled devices, such as smartphones, can communicate with the tag to read/write data. 


  • NFCThis is an LSI for contactless IC tags supporting Near Field Communication (NFC) technology.
  • HDMI InterfaceHDMI is the digital audio-visual (AV) input/output interface standard for home appliances and AV equipment.
  • SD Memory Card InterfaceMN66831 is an SD host interface LSI with SD interface for SD memory card, SDIO card, eSD, and eMMC, which conforms to CPRM (SD-Binding/SD-Video).