Red and Infrared (IR) Dual Wavelength Laser Diodes

Panasonic's Red and Infrared (IR) Dual Wavelength Laser Diode is a dual-wavelength laser that outputs both red and infrared laser lights.  The Laser Diode is a single chip integrating two laser chips and uses high-accuracy light emission point control, low-profile package, and other advanced technologies, thus allowing to improve the productivity of products and the margin in their optical design and to make them thinner.

Features / Benefits

A Single Chip Integrating Red And Infrared Laser Diodes

  • This Single-Chip Dual-Wavelength Laser Diode Can Output Two Laser Beams Of Red (660 nm) For DVD And Infrared (780 nm) For CD.
  • External Optical Parts Count: 50% Less Than That Of Traditional Two-laser (Red, Infrared) System, Allowing For Smaller Products.
  • Adjustment Of The Laser Light Emission Point: Just Once (Twice For Traditional Two-laser System), Allowing For More Productive Products.

High-Accuracy Light Emission Point Control

  • A Red Laser Diode And An Infrared Laser Diode Are Monolithically Integrated On A GaAs Substrate.
  • The Light Emission Points Of The Red And Infrared Laser Diodes Are Simultaneously Formed To Achieve The High Accuracy (+/- Micron Or Below) Of The Interval (90 Micron) Between The Points, Which Allows For Improved Margin In Optical Design Of Products.


Flat Package (t1.2mm) Flat Package (t1.65mm) Φ5.6 CAN Package

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