LED Driver ICs for Amusements

The AN3777 Series ICs are suitable for driving LEDs used in amusement applications.

 Features / Benefits

  • Full-Color LEDs Available
    Provide The 24-channel Type (AN37774A, AN37775A) As Key Products. The 9-channel Type
    (AN37777A) Is Also Available For Small Boards That Don’t Have Enough Space For Wires
  • Data Transfer Type Selectable Based On The Number Of LEDs, Preventing Transfer Delay Between Drivers 
    Address Selection Type: AN37777A, AN37770A, AN37774A, And AN37775A  
    24-Channel Type: (AN37774A, AN37775A): IIC Or SPI Selectable
  • Built-In LDO That Reduces The Parts Count (AN37775A, AN37777A) 
    The LED Power Supply Can Be Used To Power The IC, Reducing The Number Of Wires, Harnesses, And Connectors
  • Easy To Collectively Adjust The Brightness Of LEDs (AN37775A, AN37777A) 
    The Software-Controlled Brightness Adjustment Reduces The Time To Develop Software, 
    Allowing Easy Design Into Amusement Applications With User-Adjustable Brightness Control
  • High ESD Noise Immunity 
    Provide A Circuit To Prevent Logical Errors Due To Transient Voltage Drop, Simplifying The  
    Design Of Applications

Series List

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