32-bit High Performance Microcomputers MN103S Series

MN103S Series embedded 32-bit flash MCU with Panasonic original 32-bit CPU "AM32R” has a good balance between high speed processing ability and low power consumption. 

The MN103S helps to create high performance and high-efficiency inverter systems and allows the system to easily realize the safety standards (IEC60730) because of complementary 3-phase PWM circuit, high speed A/D converter and expansion calculation (high speed multiplication and division, dedicated calculation for inverter control).

Features / Benefits

  • 32-bit CPU Original Core With High-speed Calculation Ability And High Processing Speed
  • High-speed/High-precision Analog Circuit
  • Abundant Lineup From 48-pin To 144-pin Can Satisfy Various Systems' Requirement
  • Rationalization of the system is possible, because it is possible to use one MCU to control multiple motors and power
  • Miniaturization of the board is possible, because high-precision analog circuit is built-in and external components can be reduced
  • System development man-hour reduction is possible, because of various support tools such as motor automatic adjustment


Series List

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