Microcontrollers: 8-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN101L Series

8-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN101L Series design engineers Panasonic
8-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN101L Series

Utilizing built-in ReRAM, this Series of MCUs feature high-speed write/re-write times with up to 100k write cycles.  With low power RTC and stop modes, the MN101L Series has a power consumption that is 50% lower than flash-based MCUs.

Line Up

MN101L Series embedded Panasonic coren/a


Enhanced processing performance. 

Thanks to both the improved processing performance for memory access instruction by reviewing the pipeline and that for 16-bit data by using 16-bit bus, the MN101L Series has achieved the processing performance of 16-bit microcomputer even on 8-bit microcomputer hardware.

50% lower power consumption with ReRAM and high-performance CPU.

Thanks to low-power consumption ReRAM, shorter processing time and voltage control by high-performance CPU, and leakage current reduction of new fabrication process, power consumption has been reduced by 50%, compared to the existing Flash microcomputer.


  • Portable healthcare equipments (blood pressure monitor, activity monitor, etc.)

  • Security equipments (fire alarm, etc.)

  • Sensor equipments (temperature and humidity sensor , motion sensor , etc.)