Microcontrollers: 8-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN101L Series

8-bit Low Power Microcomputers MN101L Series design engineers Panasonic
panasonic microcomputer mn101l

Utilizing built-in ReRAM, this Series of MCUs feature high-speed write/re-write times with up to 100k write cycles.  With low power RTC and stop modes, the MN101L Series has a power consumption that is 50% lower than flash-based MCUs.

MN101L Series is a 8-bit flash MCU with Panasonic original 32-bit "AM32R“ CPU which have a good balance between high speed processing ability and low power consumption.

ReRAM is embedded in the MN101L Series. It is possible to rewrite in high speed and low-power, and large-capacity data area is also realized.

The MN101L Series can contribute to create a Sensor system which needs high-speed, super low-power consumption and miniaturization.


  • 8-bit CPU Original Core With Low-Power Consumption
  • Reram Which Can Be Rewritten By High-speed And Low-Power Consumption
  • Achieve A Good Balance Between High-Performance And Low-Power Consumption By Low-Power Design