MOSFETs: MOSFETs for Load Switch

MOSFETs for Load Switch design engineers Panasonic
MOSFET for load switch

Provides diverse lineup including new ultra-small PMCP (Power Mount CSP) with high heat dissipation, etc.  MOSFETs for Load Switch purpose with industry leading Low RDS(on)

Line Up

MOSFETs for Load Switchn/a


New Small, Thin Package PMCP (Power Mount CSP) with High Heat Dissipation.

  • Newly-developed small, thin package PMCP (Power Mount CSP) featuring high thermal dissipation.

  • 46% smaller (footprint), 67% thinner (thickness), 82% lower (volume), and 5% higher (thermal dissipation) compared to previous package.

  • 47% Lower On-Resistance

  • On-resistance per unit area reduced by 47% by combining the 110-nm fine process and wafer thinning technologies.