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Small Signal MOSFETs design engineers Panasonic
Small signal MOS FET SSSMini3-F2-B-mae

Panasonic provides small signal MOSFETs featuring small size, low-on resistance (low RDS (on)), and low voltage drive, which also include CSP (Chip Size Package) series (Now sampling) with high current efficiency, allowing small, low-profile, low-power smartphones or other mobile equipment.



  • Low RDS(on)

  • Low Voltage Drive

  • Compact and Array packages

  • Lineup of CSP products

Features of CSP products

  1. Industry's lowest(*1) on-resistance (60% lower than previous model) with CSP
    *FJ4B011 series: Improved to 68mΩ at VGS = 2.5 V (Our previous MTM86127: 170mΩ)

  2. The gate-source voltage, VGS = 1.5 V with CSP (Our previous MTM86127: VGS = 2.5 V)

  3. Industry's smallest (*1) footprint and lowest profile
    *FJ4B011 series: 71% smaller and 80% thinner than our previous MTM86127

(*1) As of March 25, 2013


CSP (Chip Size Package)

A chip-sized package achieved by removing mold resin, lead frame, solder paste, and gold wire from traditional resin package, and by improving the internal structure.


CSP Products *As of March 25, 2013

N/P channel MOSFETs with CSP, which feature low on-resistance, low voltage drive (VGS = 1.5 V), and low profile (0.1 mm).

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