3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver ICs

Panasonic 3-Phase Brushless DC Motor Driver ICs provide sine-wave PWM drive with one Hall Sensor to reduce the component count, size and noise of a motor module, which are best suited for a cooling fan and can also be applied to air conditioners, electric fans and other home appliances.

Features / Benefits

  • With The Rotor Position Detector And Sine-wave PWM Drive With One Hall Sensor, And The Real-time-auto-phase-correction
  • Allows The Reduction Of Components Of Motor Products, So It Comes Reduction Of BOM Cost
  • Feature With Real-Time-Auto-Phase-Correction And Therefore Development Time Can Be Reduced By Cutting Down Manual Adjustment Or Fine Tuning Process
  • Achieve Low Noise Operation By Adopting Full Sine Wave Output Driving Current
  • Maximize Efficiency, Torque And Speed
  • Built-in Standby Function For To Save Power

Series List

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