Lens Driver ICs for Camcorder and Camera

Panasonic provides a lineup of Lens Driver ICs that enable a zoom and focus control and iris control automatically. Panasonic also provide Driver ICs driving various motors/coils for mirror/shutter operation as well as lens autofocus required for digital single-lens reflex cameras (DSLRs). In addition, Panasonic  provides a single-chip solution integrating these functions.


  • This Single-chip LSI Features Zoom, Focus And Iris Functions, Dramatically Reduces The Package Size And External Parts. Thus, This LSI Achieves Miniaturization Of Mounting Board And Eventually Reduce Camera Size.
  • Realizing Super Low Noise By Adopting A Micro-stepping Drive With Built-in Correction Circuit For Zoom And Focus.  (Built-in Correction
  • Amplitude Correction Circuit: Correct An Imbalance Of Back EMF Occurs At Each Coil By The Current Adjustment Of Each Phase.
  • Phase Correction Circuit: Correct A Phase Difference Between Coils With The Adjustment Resolution Of 0.7o.
  • Iris Drive Realizes Low Power Consumption By Adopting The PWM 
    This LSI Places An LPF Of Variable Cut-off Frequency And Noise Reduction Circuit Around PID Circuits To Dramatically Reduce The Influences Of Noise Against Various Iris Mechanical Characteristics.

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