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Panasonic offers DC-DC Step Down Regulators that integrate power MOSFETs and employ a hysteretic control system as well as single-channel, synchronous DC-DC step down regulators with a power supply in package (PSiP) design.  Whether the requirement is a compact and simplified point-of-load design, or high-speed response with minimal output voltage fluctuations, Panasonic has a power IC to suit the application.  


  • Battery Monitoring ICPanasonic's Battery Monitoring IC offers a high precision AD converter for 16-series cells to accurately measure voltage, charge/discharge current, and can equalize cell voltage.
  • AC-DC converter / Power Supply IC (IPD)Panasonic IPD (Intelligent Power Devices) are AC-DC converter ICs that simplify power supply design!
  • Power Supply in Package (PSiP)PSiP simplifies the power system design, reduces heat and noise emission from the circuit board, and eventually shortens the overall design process.
  • DC-DC Regulators With Built-In MOSWith their Multi Chip Packaging (MCP) layout, DC-DC Regulators with Built-In MOS boast high efficiency performance in a small package size.
  • DC-DC Regulator for Car-AV & IndustryDC-DC Regulators for Car-AV and Industry help prevent EMI in the AM frequency band, and are best suited for car navigation systems or car audio systems.