Semiconductors: Radio Frequency Devices

Radio Frequency Devices design engineers Panasonic
radio frequency devices

Panasonic’s Radio Frequency Devices are manufactured with our fine SiGeBiCMOS/GaAs/CMOS processes featuring excellent high-frequency characteristics, achieving low power, low noise, and high receiving sensitivity.


  • Low Noise Amplifiers (LNA)Panasonic provides wide variety of low noise amplifiers (LNA) for DTV, GPS and WLAN/WiMax.
  • Power Amplifiers for Handsets (PA)Recently, the radio circuit unit of mobile phones and smartphones increases their power consumption to support high-speed data communications (HSPA, LTE, etc.), therefore requiring lower-power components. Panasonic's power amplifiers for handset (PA) modules achieve low power consumption with the BiFET(*1) technology, reducing the power of radio circuit unit.