Radio Frequency Devices: Power Amplifier for Handsets (PA)

Power Amplifier for Handsets (PA) design engineers Panasonic

Recently, the radio circuit unit of mobile phones and smartphones increases power consumption to support high-speed data communications (HSPA, LTE, etc.), therefore requiring lower-power components. Panasonic's Power Amplifiers For Handsets (PA) achieve low power consumption with the BiFET* technology, reducing the power of the radio circuit unit.

* Panasonic's original device structure that allows HFET (Hetero FET) and HBT (Hetero BT) integrated into a single chip.

Features / Benefits
  • High Efficiency Operation: 48% (Rel.99 Signal Condition Of UN06B01)
  • Integrated Power Coupler
  • Input/Output 50Ω Impedance Matching
  • Small Package (3.0mm X 3.0mm X 0.85mm)
  • 2 Modes Bias Switching Type PA

Line Up

Power Amplifier for Handset (PA)n/a

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