Panasonic’s Laser Type Particulate Matter Sensor has a very small footprint of W37 x D37 x H12 mm, and can be used to detect a wide variety of particulate matter including but not limited to dust, fly ash, soot, smoke, aerosols, fumes, mists and condensing vapors, solid fuels, construction materials, cooking/smoking of plant matter, fireplaces and furnaces, house/forest fires, waste incineration and much more.

Features and Benefits

  • Panasonic’s On-Board Micro-Processor Makes It Unnecessary For Customers To Design Their Own
  • The Inclusion Of A Micro-Fan Is More Efficient Than Simply Having A Heating Element To Draw Air Into The Sensor
  • Panasonic’s Particulate Matter Sensor Provides More Accurate Light Scattering Performance Using A Laser Diode Than Light Emitting Diodes (LED)
  • Panasonic’s Proprietary Algorithm Controls Fan And Laser Diode Efficiency For Prolonged Product Life
  • RoHS And REACH Compliant


  • Retail
  • Medical
  • Electronics
  • Smart City/Smart Building


  • Indoor and Outdoor Air Quality Monitoring
  • Airborne Dust Detection
  • Near / In Clean Rooms; Semiconductor, PCBD Mfg., Etc.


Part Number List

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Models table for series SN-GC
Part No.DatasheetPower Supply Voltage (V)Current ConsumptionMinimum Detectable Particle Size (μm)Detection RangeMaximum Consistency ErrorResponse TimeTime To First Reading (Sec)External InterfaceSize (mm) (mm)Operating Temperature / HumidityCable
5.0 (±10%)
< 100 mA
(UART) 0µg/m3 ~ 2,000µg/m3
(I2C) 0µg/m3~x,xxxµg/m3
±10% (35µg/m3 <, < 1,000µg/m3)
1 sec
W37×D37×H12 mm
-10°C ~ 60°C, < 95% RH