Factory Automation Sensors: Laser Measurement Sensors

Laser Measurement Sensors design engineers Panasonic

When your application calls for the precision measurement of dimensions such as thickness, diameter, and height, Panasonic has the solution. Our high-quality laser displacement, inductive displacement, and collimated beam sensors provide high-speed and accurate measurement solutions. Click the 'Learn More' link below to explore our entire offereing of measurement sensors.


Line Up

Series/TypeData SheetImage
High Accuracy Eddy Current Type Displacement Sensor GP-A
EOL Scheduled
Compact Laser Displacement Sensor HL-G1
Ultra-compact Laser Collimated Beam Sensor HL-T1
LED Collimated Beam Sensor LA-300
Laser Type Edge Detection Sensor LD
Metal-sheet Double-feed Detector GD
Communication Unit for Digital Displacement Sensors SC-HG1
Laser Collimated Beam Sensor LA
EOL Scheduled
High Speed, Multi-Point Laser Displacement Sensor HL-D3
High Speed・High Accuracy Eddy Current Type Digital...
Contact-Type Digital Displacement Sensor HG-S
Ultra High-speed・High-precision Laser Displacement Sensor...

Discontinued products

Series/TypeDiscontinued notice
LED Type Optical Displacement Sensor LH-50(Discontinued)