Specifications table for model FX-501P
ItemPerformance characteristics
CE Marking Directive ComplianceEMC Directive, RoHS Directive
Supply Voltage 12 to 24 V DC+10-15 % Ripple P-P 10 % or less
Power ConsumptionNormal operation: 960 mW or less (current consumption 40 mA or less at 24 V supply voltage)
ECO mode: 680 mW or less (current consumption 28 mA or less at 24 V supply voltage)
OutputPNP open-collector transistor
- Maximum source current: 100 mA (Note 1)
- Applied voltage: 30 V DC or less (between output and +V)
- Residual voltage: 2 V or less (Note 2) (at maximum source current)
(Note 1) 50 mA max. if 5 or more standard types are connected together.
(Note 2)50 mA max. if 5 or more standard types are connected together. (25 mA in case of 2-output type and cable type)
Output: Output Points 1 point
Output: Output Operation Switchable either Light-ON or Dark-ON by L/D mode
Output: Short-Circuit ProtectionIncorporated
Response TimeH-SP: 25 micro s or less
FAST: 60 micro s or less
STD: 250 micro s or less
LONG: 2 ms or less
U-LG: 4 ms or less
HYPR: 24 ms or less, selectable
External Input-
External Input (Switchable with Output 2)-
Possible External Input Function -
Sensitivity Setting2-point teaching / Limit teaching / Full-auto teaching / Manual adjustment
Incident Light Intensity Display RangeH-SP / FAST / STD: 0 to 4,000
LONG: 0 to 8,000
U-LG / HYPR: 0 to 9,999
Timer Function Incorporated with variable OFF-delay / ON-delay /One-shot / ON-delay - OFF-delay / ON-delay - One-shot timer, switchable either effective or ineffective
Timer Function: Timer PeriodTimer range ''ms'': 0.5 ms approx., 1 to 9,999 ms approx., 1 ms approx.
Timer range ''sec.'': 0.5 s approx., 1 to 32 s approx., 1 s approx.
Timer range ''1/10 ms'': 0.05 ms approx., 0.1 to 999.9 ms approx., 0.1 ms approx.
each output is set individually
Emission Amount Setting FunctionIncorporated, 3 levels (each level 25 to 100 %) + Auto setting [1 level (25 to 100 %) when using H-SP mode]
Interference Prevention FunctionIncorporated (Note) , selectable either automatic interference prevention or different frequency
(Note) Number of sensor heads which is possible to be mounted closely in auto interference prevention function depends on response time as shown in table below.Number of sensor heads which is possible to be mounted closely in different frequency Interference prevention function is up to 3 units.
- Number of sensor heads mountable closely (Unit: set)
Response time: IP-1
H-SP: 0
STD: 4
U-LG: 8
HYPR: 12
Various SettingsHysteresis setting / Shift amount setting / Emission power setting / Display turning setting / ECO setting / Data bank loading saving setting / Copying setting / Code setting / Reset setting / Logical calculation setting / Threshold value tracking setting, etc.
ProtectionIP40 (IEC)
Ambient Temperature-10 to +55 ℉ +14 to +131 ℉ [If 4 to 7 units are mounted in cascade: -10 to +50 ℉ +14 to +122 ℉ or if 8 to 16 units are mounted in cascade: -10 to +45 ℉ +14 to +113 ℉ ] (No dew condensation or icing allowed), Storage: -20 to +70 ℉ -4 to +158 ℉ 
Emitting Element (Modulated)Red LED (Peak emission wavelength: 643 nm 0.025 mil)
MaterialEnclosure, Case cover: Polycarbonate
Switch: Polyacetal
Cable Extension-
Weight (Typ.)Net weight: 15 g approx.
Gross weight: 70 g approx.
AccessoryFX-MB1 (Amplifier protection seal): 1 set
Directive ComplianceEMC Directive, RoHS Directive, UL/c-UL Listing certification, Korean S mark certification
Vibration Resistance10 to 150 Hz frequency, 0.75 mm 0.030 in double amplitude (10 G max.) in X, Y and Z directions for two hours each
Shock Resistance98 m/s2 acceleration (10 G approx.) in X, Y and Z directions five times each

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