6in1 Sensor (6DoF Automotive Inertial Sensor)

Panasonic’s 6in1 Sensor For Highly Accurate, Flexible And Sensitive Automotive And Industrial Applications

Three Accelerometers And Three Gyroscopes On One Single MEMS Chip In A 4.5mm x 4.5mm x 1.1mm Package!

Panasonic, a worldwide leader in Sensors technology, is pleased to add the 6in1 Sensor to its’ already broad range of specialty Sensor solutions.

Panasonic’s 6in1 (6DoF) Inertial Sensor is designed for highly accurate motion detection for automotive, industrial and commercial sensing applications. It provides highly sensitive and accurate linear acceleration (3-Accelerometers) and angular position detection (3-Gyroscopes) all in one (1) single MEMS chip (4.5mm x 4.5mm x 1.1mm)!  This enables the 6in1 Intertial Sensor to be compact, highly accurate, easy-to-install and highly reliable.

The Sensor is AEC-Q100 Compliant and meets the Automotive ISO26262 Function Safety Standard.

The 6in1 Inertial Sensor is ideal for AGVs, AMRs, Robotics, UAVs or any mobile application that requires 6 DoF (Degrees of Freedom) of spatial detection.

The 6in1Sensor with 6DoF is available in one very small footprint package size of 4.5 mm x 4.5 mm x 1.1 mm enabling compact and simple ECU system design.

Panasonic can lend expert design in assistance for this Direct Technology Product including a lend-only Evaluation Kit upon request.

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