Photoelectric Sensors

The complete line of self-contained and amplifier-separated Photoelectric Sensor solutions from Panasonic is anything but basic. Panasonic offers some of the smallest Photoelectric Sensors in the world for unmatched simplicity and versatility. 

Advanced features are available in Panasonic Photoelectric Sensors such as:

  • Background/foreground Suppression That Protects Against Unwanted Detection
  • Low Cost
  • Small And Compact Size
  • Built-In Amplifier
  • Cable or M12 Connector Types
  • IP67 Rated
  • UL / CE / UR Approved (Varies By Series) 

Panasonic laser amplifiers contain the same high-speed response and built-in features that can be found in the high-end Fiber Optic Amplifiers, so you are ensured the highest quality sensing available.

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