GC1 ToF Camera Sensor

The Panasonic GC1 Time of Flight Indoor Camera Sensor is a small, real-time, sensing Camera based on the Time-of-Flight (ToF) principle. 

Panasonic’s ToF technology instantaneously detects the distance between the Camera and the targeted object or person with depth, infra-red and color (RGB) images which are now possible with a single Camera. 

The GC1 Time of Flight Camera Sensor can be used in various applications including Security, Automotive, Robotics, VR, Gesture Control, Gaming, Logistics and Volumetric Measurements. 

Features And Benefits

  • Accurate “Real-Time” “Depth” CCD Image Sensing Camera
    • Uses Time-of-Flight (ToF) Technology: A Method For Measuring Distance Between The Sensor And An Object, Based On The Time Difference It Takes For A Light Signal To Return Back To The Sensor, After Being Reflected By An Object Or Person
  • FOV: 55°(H) x 41°(V)
  • Dimensions: 100mm x 65mm x 24mm
  • Produces RGB (640x480), Depth Map (320x240)(640x480) Images
    • No Need To Have Separate Cameras For Depth, IR And Color Images With 14/16/36 Bit Data Formats 
  • Resolution:  1 mm @ 2.5 m And 4 mm @ 12 m
  • High Resolution:  24 / 30 fps
  • Laser Diodes (Class 1): Uses Laser Diodes Rather Than LEDs To Provide A More Coherent And Powerful Light Source


  • Robotics
  • Security
  • Medical
  • Logistics


  • People, Animal And Object Detection And Avoidance
  • Detect Presence And Calculate Distance Of Objects And People
  • Contact-Less / Gesture Control Of Imaging Displays
  • Detection And Volumetric Measurements Of Parcel / Pallets / Boxes / Containers, Etc.


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Part Number List

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Models table for series GC1 ToF Camera Sensor
Part No.DatasheetImage SensorPoints Of Depth MapPoints Of RGB ImagePoints Of NIR ImageFrame Rate (fps)Operating temperature (°C)Light Source: Laser Diode (nm)Input / Output (I/F)Dimension (mm)Weight (g)Power Supply @4A (Volts)Average Current (Amps)
1/4" CCD
0 ~ (+)40