PS Pressure Sensors

High precision gauge pressure sensors available with and without amplifier. Available with / without glass base in DIP terminal. Pressure ratings ranging from -100 to 1,000kPa. Applications include: Pressure Switches, Pneumatic Devices, Blood Pressure Monitors, Clean Rooms, Oxygen Concentrators, Respiratory Equipment, and Air Beds.

Series List

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Series table for lineup PS Pressure Sensors
Series/TypeDatasheetBridge Resistance (kΩ)RoHS (Compliance Certificate)Reach (Report of Confirmation) Rated Pressure (kPa)TypeTerminal Type
RoHS compliant (Please refer to the Related Information.)
SVHC non-inclusion (Definition of SVHC inclusion:0.1wt% or above per product.)
4.9 to 980.7
Standard type,
Economy type
DIP terminal,
SMD terminal