7 mm Square Encoders

Panasonic 7mm Square Encoder Series has unique features such as 360-degree endless rotation angle, 5mN.m rotation torque, with 12 pulses/24 points detents. This Encoder has a mechanical life of up to 100,000 cycles. This makes it suitable for applications such as information & communications equipment, input devices of measuring instruments and portable electronic equipment.

Features / Benefits of the 7mm Square Encoder Series

  • Smaller And Lower Product Height Type (Product Height H = 7 mm)
  • Good Rotation Feel
  • Supports Vertical Self-Standing Mounting Onto Printed Circuit Boards

Part Number List

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Models table for series 7 mm Square Encoders
Part No.DatasheetFeaturesResolutionDetents (point)Detents (points)Rotation Torque (mNm)Rotation Life (Cycles)Rotation life (cycle)RoHS (Compliance Certificate)Reach (Report of Confirmation)
Smaller and lower product height type (Product height H=7mm)
RoHS compliant. Please refer to the Data Files.
SVHC non-inclusion. Please refer to the Data Files.