18 mm Square Encoder (Waterproof Type)

The Panasonic 18mm Square Encoder has unique features such as 360-degree endless rotation angle, high rotation torque of 50mN.m and 3 bit/8 positions detents. This Encoder has a mechanical life of thirty thousand cycles. It is suitable for applications such as home appliances and AV equipment (for signal input).

Features and Benefits of 18mm Square Encoder

  • Water Resistant type(IP67)
  • Highly Responsive click feel
  • High Precision And Reliability (uses the insertion contact method)

Part Number List

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Models table for series 18 mm Square Encoder (Waterproof Type)
Part No.DatasheetFeaturesResolutionDetents (point)Detents (points)Rotation Torque (mNm)Rotation Life (Cycles)Rotation life (cycle)RoHS (Compliance Certificate)Reach (Report of Confirmation)
Waterproof absolute encoders. Highly responsive clicking resulting in good operability.
4-bit, Gray cord absolute
RoHS compliant. Please refer to the Data Files.
SVHC non-inclusion. Please refer to the Data Files.