10mm GS Sensors

Panasonic's 10mm GS Sensors EVW-AE, EVW-AD Type are low profile (2.2mm nominal thickness) long-life sensors, suitable for detecting the angles of rotating axes. These Position Sensors have available shaft hole diameters of up to 4mm, with long operation life of 1 million operation cycles and a wide electrical output angle to a maximum of 343 degrees, ready for SMD mounting.

Features and Benefits of The EVW-AE and EVW-AD Series

  • Low Profile, Shaft Hole Diameter Of Up To 4mm Are Available
  • Long Operation Life: 1 Million
  • A Wide Electrical Output Angle Of A Maximum 343 Degrees, Ready For SMDs


  • Detection Of Robot Joint Angles
  • Detection Of Air Conditioner Damper Angles
  • Detection Of Various Control Unit Angles

Part Number List

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Models table for series 10mm GS Sensors
Part No.DatasheetFeaturesTotal Resistance (Ω)Total Resistance (kΩ)Operating ForceOperating Life (Cycles)Operating Life (cycle)RoHS (Compliance Certificate)Reach (Report of Confirmation)
Low profile, Shaft hole diameters of up to 4 mm are available. Long operation life. Ready for SMDs.
5 k, 10 k
5, 10
3 mN m
RoHS compliant. Please refer to the Data Files.
SVHC non-inclusion. Please refer to the Data Files.