Bluetooth Classic

High Data Rate. Robust Communication Design for Long Range.

Bluetooth Classic, formerly known as Bluetooth and Bluetooth EDR, is a networking standard designed to meet IEEE 802.15.1 and administered by the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (BT SIG). Conceived as a 2.4GHz wireless standard to replace wired headsets in 1999, Bluetooth has grown in both scope and capability. By far it is the most prolific wireless standard today adding over 1,000,000 nodes to the network every day, in cell phones, PC’s, consumer and medical electronics applications and many more.

Bluetooth Classic is best suited to high data rate – up to 3Mbits/sec – applications where the network size is under eight nodes. Larger networks can be formed with Scatternets. Connections are robust, even in noisy environments, by using 80 channels, each 1MHz wide, adaptive frequency hopping, and multiple modulation schemes. Range can be adjusted using hardware and software from under a meter to over two hundred meters. Panasonic offers multiple series of Bluetooth devices with over 20 parts numbers to address nearly every application.

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