PAN1740 Series Evaluation Kit

The EVAL_PAN1740 Evaluation Kit is compatible with PAN1740 Series Place and Play Bluetooth® Module. The PAN1740 Series is Panasonic’s next generation “nanopower” Bluetooth Low Energy Module with reduced form factor, significantly lower power consumption, embedded BLE stack and profile. Panasonic cost engineering lowers component count and the application BOM. This single mode Bluetooth system-on-chip module is optimized for low power and small size. The power consumption of only 5mA in Tx or Rx mode allows for the use of coin cell batteries and reduces battery requirements up to 50% when compared to current generation BLE devices.

The EVAL_PAN1740 kit consists of two development modules. Panasonic development modules are SMD modules mounted on a carrier board in a USB stick format. Refer to the design guide for details on PAN1740 development module.

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