Wireless Connectivity: Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi design engineers Panasonic
Wi-Fi Radio Modules

Fast Implementation and Reliable Performance

Adding wireless connectivity to your design has never been easier. Operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band, Panasonic’s Wi-Fi radio modules provide fast implementation of WLAN and Bluetooth in your designs. A flexible, system-on-chip (SoC) solution, these modules feature low-power operation and increased speed-to-market. Panasonic Wi-Fi radio modules offer the perfect blend of reliability and performance. And because they're a single chip solution, material costs decrease as well.  

Optimize Wireless Connectivity with Panasonic Wi-Fi.

Each Panasonic Wi-Fi radio module combines an excellent 802.11 baseband processor with a medium access controller.  A Bluetooth radio and many other supporting features and peripherals are also included. Module varieties include Wi-Fi Only and Multimode Wi-Fi/Bluetooth. Click on the categories below for more information.  Discover today how Panasonic can revolutionize the wireless performance of your electronic designs.


  • EmbeddedPanasonic Embedded Wi-Fi Modules are designed to offer a cost effect, power efficient solution for WLAN applications.
  • Non-Embedded Multi-ModeWi-Fi modules for fast implementation of WLAN. Bluetooth Multi Mode. 802.11 radio and MIMO 2x2 technology.
  • Non-Embedded OnlyWi-Fi modules for fast implementation of WLAN. Excellent 802.11 radio, baseband processor in a SoC design.