Non-Embedded Multi-Mode

Wi-Fi plus Bluetooth Multi Mode, Together at Last.

Operating in the 2.4GHz ISM band, Panasonic’s PAN9055/9045 Series not only offers fast implementation of WLAN but are also Bluetooth® Multi Mode modules. The sleek design combines the benefits of an excellent wireless radio (802.11 & Bluetooth) with MIMO 2x2 technology. This allows for simultaneous data transmission over multiple streams using the same frequency, resulting in greater range and higher throughput. Fully backwards compatible, the PAN9055/9045 Series optimizes the use of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to offer our customers a powerful unified module.

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Series List

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Series table for lineup Non-Embedded Multi-Mode
Series/TypeDatasheetSizeMaximum Data Rate (Mbps)Transmit Output Power
13.5 x 26 x2.4 | 351
+18 dBm